Automate, Automate, Automate: UI Testing – By Visar Elmazi

Adding new features is easy. Making sure that you have not broken old features is very hard. We developers usually tend to heavily rely on others for this assurance, hence the word Quality Assurance/QA.  QA job is hard, probably one of the hardest in this business but never appreciated enough. Why? Well imagine adding new… Read more »

Cloud Computing using Microsoft Azure – Part 1 – By Massimo Bensi

This is the first of a series of posts about Microsoft Azure Cloud. Microsoft Azure is one of the first On-Demand Cloud Services available since several years, along with Amazon.   So what is this Cloud Computing? “Cloud computing, also known as ‘on-demand computing’, is a kind of Internet-based computing, where shared resources, data and… Read more »

How to Create a Web Api with C# and EF in MAC OSX – part 2 – By Martin Pueyo

In the previous post we started installing and setting a development environment to write your first Web Api in Mac OSX. Now we will continue working on your project, trying to create a real example of a WebApi to read and write data from a database.   The first step is to define the architecture… Read more »

How to Create a Web Api with C# and EF in MAC OSX – Part 1 – By Martin Pueyo

As a .Net Developer and Mac user, it was very difficult for me to write a C# code outside the office or without a virtual machine. However, everything changed when Microsoft announced the release of .NET as Open Source for all the platforms. The second in line of good news was the release of Visual… Read more »

Playing with nServiceBus and its pipeline – By Federico Degrandis

Let’s suppose we have an architecture that uses a Service Bus, and let’s suppose this Service Bus is nServiceBus. We have a problem (read it challenge) similar to this: A service called Data Processor publishes an event called DataProcessedEvent whenever somebody sends some kind of data to process to it. Two endpoints, let’s call them… Read more »

Using Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) based Policy Injection for full Separation of Concerns (SoC) – By Visar Elmazi

Writing enterprise software has always been both challenging and boring.  You need to ensure enterprise grade quality but at the same time you end up writing the same repetitive pieces of code which ensure this enterprise grade quality.   Speaking of quality and of the code that we write in enterprise software, it can be… Read more »

X-Frame-Options Header Not Set – By Milton Nihora

Web application security is always an important topic to discuss because websites seem to be the first target of malicious hackers. Hackers use websites to spread their malwares and worms, and they use the compromised websites for spamming and other purposes.   OWASP has created an outline to secure a web application from the most… Read more »

Unit testing Async methods – By Federico Degrandis

In the last days I have been working on some Azure APIs where I’m using the async/await pattern. Everything fine until I started to write Unit Tests and mocking async methods… Let’s take a look at the code. Below we have MyServiceCaller that calls a couple of async methods (GetSomethingAsync and DoSomethingAsync) that we need… Read more »

3D TOUCH SHORTCUTS – By Javi Lorbada

With the release of the iPhone 6s / 6s plus, Apple announced Quick Actions, “A shortcut to the things you do the most”, quick actions let’s users access certain functionalities of installed apps in a faster way. For example you can call a favourite contact instantly or immediately start recording Slo-mo video. See what else… Read more »

Is your DevOps going fast enough? – By Juan de Miguel

Or maybe even too fast? Definitively it should not.   Regardless on how well defined your software release cycle is and how well integrated is with DevOps culture, for sure you will find yourself in moments when you want it to be faster and more efficient so you don’t have to wait and move to… Read more »